API RP 1004

AP RP 1004 2003-JAN-01 Bottom Loadng and Vapor Recovery for MC-306 DOT-406 Tank Motor Vehcles-Eghth Edton

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This RP covers required and recommended features of the following aspects of bottom loading and vapor recovery:

a. The configuration and operation of 4-in. (101.6-mm) adapters for bottom loading.

b. Tank vehicles equipped for bottom loading or vapor recovery.

c. Secondary shutoff control systems.

d. Loading installations equipped for bottom loading or vapor recovery.

Since most petroleum terminals serve more than one tank truck carrier, guidelines are necessary to ensure that the equipment is compatible. Sections 4 through 7 describe means of attaining operating flexibility with vehicles equipped for bottom loading and vapor recovery. Where compatible equipment is required, certain features must be standardized; these items are listed as required features. Other features are desirable but are not essential to interchangeability; these are listed as recommended features.

For this edition of API RP 1004, all dimensions in customary units have been converted to the International System of Units (SI) and carried to decimal figures.


The purpose of this Recommended Practice (RP) is to provide guidance to users and manufacturers in the design and operation of bottom loading and vapor-recovery systems to provide greater reliability and interchangeability with safe features.

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